Hector Simpson


User interface designer.

I create for clicks & taps.

  1. Day to day Design systems & developer experience at Heroku

  2. On the side Currently making Quids for Mac

I've been designing & building the developer experience at Heroku for over four years alongside a few of the best engineering teams in the industry.

Review apps, Pipelines & Heroku CI are a few of the major deployment workflow projects I've been involved in during that time.

Today I'm creating & maintaining the design systems, kits & guidelines that every team throughout the company can use. I'm also designing for new services & team experiences across the product.

I'm currently making Quids, a macOS app to manage your crypto currency portfolio.

Quids lets you view every one of your transactions across multiple wallets, as well as allowing you to send & receive, buy & sell, exchange tokens & more, all within a native desktop experience.

I've collaborated with @reddavis on every aspect of the product including the initial concepts, the interface design & the marketing. Quids will be launching later this year.

Here's a few projects I've worked on recently.

When I've got some downtime I'll collaborate on projects with friends, or trade the odd pixels here & there in exchange for a flat white or two.

And here's a few snapshots of some work in progress.

Via dribbble.com/dizzyup

Before all of this, I co-founded a startup with @reddavis & @elliottkember, creating iOS apps, developer utilities, as well as producing plenty of work for clients.

During that time we created & released a set of products, including Hammer, Anvil & Forge, which together were at the forefront of static web app development (what would later become JAMstack).

We also worked on some client work for the likes of DeNA, Fitstar, Activision, Cloud App & Air Video.